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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
16:30 - 18:00
C-27-09  Ocular Tumors – Diagnosis of Intraocular Mass

Bornfeld N. (Essen)
de Potter P. (Brussels)
Damato B. D. (Liverpool)

Registration fee: 130 € / 180 €
No. of Participants: min. 20 / max. 100
Venue: Room Sydney (Messe)


There are many different kinds of intraocular tumour, each having a wide variety of clinical manifestations. Ultrasonography, angiography, and an increasing range of investigations can facilitate the diagnosis but can also mislead if the results are not interpreted correctly. The management of patients with intraocular tumours also requires skill in detecting local recurrence after conservative treatment and differentiating this complication from other lesions. The aims of this practical course are to highlight in an interactive fashion the clinical features of intraocular tumours and to demonstrate the most important diagnostic pitfalls. CT and MRI features of intraocular tumors and simuating lesion will be reviewed with emphasizing about the role and indications of imaging studies in evaluating intraocular lesions. Particular emphasis will be put on fluorescence angiography including contact wide-angle and ICG angiography.