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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
14:00 - 16:00
C-28-07  Fluorescein Angiographic Diagnostic in Macular Disease

Wolf S. (Bern)

Staurenghi G. (Milano)
Stur M. (Wien)
Leys A. (Leuven)
Roider J. (Kiel)
Soubrane G. (Créteil)
Ulbig M. (München)

Registration fee: 150 € / 200 €
No. of Participants: min. 20 / max. 100
Venue: Room Hongkong (Messe)


Fluorescein angiographic diagnostic in Macular Disease

C-28-07.01 Instrumentation and basics for fluorescein and ICG angiography
Giovanni Staurenghi, Milano, Italy

C-28-07.02 The fluorescein angiographic delineation of CNV lesion characteristics with focus on lesion composition and size
Sebastian Wolf, Bern, Switzerland

C-28-07.03 Fluorescein angiographic findings after PDT therapy, special focus on re-treatment indications
Michael Stur, Wien, Österreich

C-28-07.04 Case discussion: CNV diagnostic challenges
Anita Leys, Leuven, Belgium

C-28-07.05 The fluorescein angiographic detection and classification of diabetic macular edema
Hans Roider, Kiel, Germany

C-28-07.06 Optical coherence tomography for diagnosis and follow-up of macular edema
Gisele Soubrane, Paris, France

C-28-07.07 Case discussion: diagnostic and therapeutic challenges diabetic macular edema
M. Ulbig, München, Germany