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Thursday, September 29, 2005
10:15 - 12:15
C-29-07  Conjunctivitis: Differential Diagnosis and Therapy

Hoang-Xuan T. (Paris)
Kruse F. E. (Erlangen)

Registration fee: 150 € / 200 €
No. of Participants: min. 20 / max. 80
Venue: Room Madrid (Messe)


Conjunctivitis can be the result of the multitude of pathogenetic factors which can lead to confusion regarding diagnosis and therapy. The course will offer a structured, logical approach to the differential diagnosis of both acute end conjunctivits. Participants will be able to come up with a logical diagnosis based on clinical signs and symptoms and diagnostic tests.

The course will also provide an update on current therapeutics strategies including new medications for infections, ocular inflammation and dry eye, furthermore surgery for conjunctival disease and reconstruction of the ocular surface will be presented.