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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
14:00 - 16:00
C-27-07  Challenges and New Trends in Anterior Segment Surgery

Lang G. K. (Ulm)

Kammann J. (Dortmund)
Pham D.-T. (Berlin)
Wagner P. (Ulm)

Registration fee: 150 € / 200 €
No. of Participants: min. 20 / max. 80
Venue: Room Sydney (Messe)


There is nothing like a tough case!

Tough cases in Cataract Surgery may present either an extractive or a refractive challenge. Modern standard phacoemulsification techniques often need modification with the aid of additional tools to achieve the desired result. Patients demands and outcome expectations regardless a complicated or uncomplicated preoperative situation may be a real challenge.


  • refractive aspects of cataract extraction
  • toric IOLs
  • multifocal IOLs
  • refractive surprise
  • clear lens extraction (CLE)
  • subluxated and luxated lens (slow motion phaco)
  • sulcusfixated anterior chamber IOL
  • IOL – explantation, - recentration, - exchange
  • hard nuclei (“cata-rocks”)
  • soft nuclei (phaco assisted aspiration technique)
  • combined surgery: cataract extraction and silicon oil removal / penetrating keratoplasty
  • tools: iris hooks, capsular tension ring, iris shields, vision blue
  • “watch the signs”: spiderweb sign, pupillary snap sign, bounce test, subluxated lens signs (iridolenticular gap, excentric nucleous, focal iridodonesis, circuferential striae), jet stream test
  • iris sphincter constriction suture in traumatic mydriasis
  • direct cyclodialysis cleft suturing in hypotonic eyes
  • vitreous complication management: vitrectomy techniques
  • “Don’t forget the old techniques”: planned intracapsular or extracapsular cataract extraction
The course is based on video sequences to the above mentioned topics and totally interactive with constant possibility of questions and discussion!