Joint Congress
th SOE Congress & 103rd DOG Congress 
Berlin, 25 – 29 September 2005

More than 40 Courses and Wet-Labs 
(17 August 2005)

Dear Ophthalmologist / Medical Professional

Today’s newsletter is to draw your attention to the comprehensive and attractive range of courses and Wet-Labs on offer at this year’s SOE & DOG Congress.

The courses and Wet-Labs are designed for the current interests and requirements of ophthalmologists, and are intended both for the general and the surgically active ophthalmologist.

The broad spectrum of course programmes range from explaining basic computer applications to demonstrating the state-of-the-art in laser-guided plastic and refractive surgery.

Learn more about difficult cataract surgery cases which present either extractive or refractive challenges. Modern standard phaco-emulsification techniques often need modification with the aid of additional tools to achieve the desired result. The demands of patients and the anticipated outcome, (regardless of whether the preoperative situation was complicated or not) create a real challenge.

Share your experiences with experts and colleagues on the latest findings in the diagnosis and treatment of retinal diseases, neuro-ophthalmological diseases, glaucoma, laser treatment or PDT.

Wet-Labs are of prime interest because of their practical relevance. New, quality-controlled, ophthalmic surgical training, for example, covers traditional, and new, vitrectomy hardware, practice eyes and vitreoretinal training in the EYESI simulator. You will learn to use different vitrectomy equipment, entry sites of new practice eyes and instruments under the BIOM/SDI enhanced microscope. Finally you will be able to perform virtual reality surgery and practice the induction of a posterior vitreous detachment, ILM peeling in different diseases, the removal of blood from the vitreous body and the retina, the removal of tractional membranes and the repair of retinal holes, to name just a few examples of exercices.

Each course or Wet-Lab carries CME credits, which are in addition to those awarded for attendance of the entire congress.

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